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Skype Review

Posted by captainmoonlight2 on January 1, 2012

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Today captainmoonlight2 is reviewing Skype. The social and entertaining software is amazing. You are able to call and chat with anyone in the world. You can show your face, share your screen and participate in instant messaging. Most people who own a computer have skype and therefore you can call anyone. And best of all, it’s FREE! You can enhance it if you want by paying and this allows you to call people’s phones. Personally, I couldn’t survive without Skype. It is a pathway to incredible communication. Facetime and MSN are the  only alternative options but they still don’t have the same features as Skype.  I rate it a:



10 Responses to “Skype Review”

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  2. Alyssa said

    Dear 6lbkg,
    I only have ever skyped once in my life. Which was
    last year somtime at school. I skyped with Canada.
    I and my class learnt that 1 thing is that if you do
    not keep warm in the snow you get very very sick.
    even end up in hospital. I have never skyped
    because my parents are not sure if I will go
    wrong with somthing.

    You have to be carful who you do
    skype with because you might
    accedentely give to much infomation
    about your self. I like blogging because you can practise your typing skills
    when you blog or type with someone.


    • Dear Alyssa,
      I know that skype is very dangerous. That is why I am very careful when using it. Blogging is less dangerous and that is why it is more fun. I’m really lucky that I get to use skype as well. Thanks for commenting on my new blog as well! You can also call me captainmoonlight2 if you want to. It is my other online name.

      6lbkg (captainmoonlight2)

  3. Alyssa said

    Dear Captionmoonlight2,
    Thanks for letting me know that I can call you captionmoonlight2.
    Please visit my blog I have put a new post up.


  4. Mrs Bates said

    I really enjoyed your review of Skype I use Skype all the time, but only to communicate with friends and family overseas. It’s wonderful to actually be able to see people!
    I know a lot of younger people use Skype to socialize with friends and even make new friends. I would be interested to know if you have any tips or tricks for staying safe on skype. How do you think people might avoid getting themselves into awkward or dangerous situations on Skype? Can you block users that you do not want to communicate with? What kind of details are visible on your profile?
    My number one tip would have to be to remember that anything you share with someone over Skype can be shared with anyone. With screen capture options, nothing you say or do is guaranteed to be completely private. So, if you wouldn’t say it in front of an audience, don’t type it or say it while on Skype. 😉
    Keep up the great reviews!

    Mrs Bates

    • Hello Mrs. Bates. I’ve been well over the holidays. What have you been up too? My post on Skype was a little “out of touch” as I am in holiday mode. If there are any typos, please tell me. The Techaholic Blog is growing as well! We have a quad blogging buddy, whose name is Alyssa. She is from Perth and has a blog about her school. We help each other blog and also support each other in getting visitors and comments. On top of all of this, my Skype post has 6 comments. That’s one of our highest yet!

      And to answer your questions: You can easily block any person on Skype if they are bullying you. You can also prevent getting in dangerous situations on Skype by blocking out all of your “stranger” contacts. Hope that answers your questions.

      Yours sincerely,

      • Mrs Bates said

        Hi Captainmoonlight2,
        Thank you for answering my questions. 🙂 I’m glad to see that the new blog is up and running well. I think your writer’s voice is coming out beautifully in your blog; very engaging! I can see that your Skype post has been very successful! I think that might be because so many of your readers are likely to use Skype and have an opinion about it. You might like include links or images in your posts. This post could have had an image of the Skype logo or a like to their website so that anyone without Skype could look into downloading it. It’s always a little extra effort, but often worth it to grab the attention of readers. Remember, most of us are simple minded and do love a good picture. 🙂

        Prompting questions can help to encourage greater participation from your readers. Also, a lot of successful bloggers recommend trying to post about 3 times a week, so that your readers stay interested and continue to check-in. It seems like a lot, but I’m sure between you and Cmaster2 you could make it a reasonable goal. It’s great to see that you’re connecting with other bloggers; it’s a fantastic way to recruit readers! Just be sure to remember online safety guidelines when dealing with “virtual fiends.”

        I really look forward to following your blog throughout 2012 and can’t wait to share it with my grade.
        Keep up the dedicated blogging!
        Mrs. Bates

      • Don’t worry Mrs. Bates, Cmaster2 and myself will do around 3 posts a week once the school holidays are over. And I’ll make sure that I add a picture to my post next time. Our next post will be about phones. 🙂


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